Dominika's constant flow of inspiration and joy

For me, working with Dreame has been a constant flow of inspiration and joy. I work as an artist/designer for many years now but never have encountered this special way of creating artworks - it is a dialogue between the artist and the "dreamer", rather than monologue of the artist. It is amazing to read a personal story/memory or idea and being able to turn it into visual language with my own interpretation. Creating artworks through Dreame means more than illustrating someone's idea. It is about co-creating.

Brian's Emotional Reward

When I first started working for Dreame I initially saw it as a way to challenge myself as an illustrator. With each Dreame I was given the challenge of being asked to draw an individuals’ thoughts and dreams and translate these abstract notions into something more tangible in the form of a finished piece of art. 

The challenges of those early times remain but there is now a great sense of emotional reward that I get with each new Dreame. Regardless of who or where it comes from, each shares the same sense of joy, sadness and hope for the future that is part of what makes us human. I feel very privileged to have been shown that.

Melanie's purity

I enjoy being an artist for dreame because it allows me to work with other peoples ideas in a very pure way. A dream is the imagination, the inner child, coming out to explore. To take these prompts and create reality or a version of this reality is very freeing. Each dreame is different, forcing me to think differently with each commission; which is what keeps it so exciting.

Jaen's intimate conversations with strangers

I like the connection with someone else's story. They are often quite intimate stories, and they share it with you, a total stranger, to transform it into an art piece of your own. Which in turn becomes something intimate for you too. When you're working with more big/corporate clients, it's less about emotions and intimacy, and when you're dealing with personal projects, you're never really sure if it will connect deeply with your audience. With Dreame, the cool thing is it's going to these peculiar bridges between your art and someone else's world. That's the beauty of it.