Here are some frequently asked questions touching on our values & benefits:

Can I choose my price?

You choose everything

  • Your price
  • The number of commissions you would like to receive per month 
  • How long it will take you to create the artwork

when do i get paid?

Dreame pays you for your Dreame artworks at the end of each month. 

how does dreame expose my work?

Newspaper articles– So far we have had over 40 articles written about Dreame from Elle Brazil to Time Out in many cities. We make sure to include each artist in at least 2 articles.

TV– A few of our artists have been interviewed for TV shows

Focused Marketing– Dreame works with ambassadors and marketers around the world ensuring global exposure and constant growth.

Art Bloggers– Many bloggers have explored Dreame's mission and written about many artworks created.


what is the Dreame artist community?

Artists Group– Dreame has an active FB group where artists post competitions they need votes for or good news :)


Exhibitions– Dreame artists in the same cities often meet up when Dreame is hosting an exhibition

What kind of inspiration do I get at Dreame? 

Range of stories– Commissioners range from influential individuals to inspiring or moving storytellers. With Dreame you will never have to seek inspiration for your next artwork again. You can see a selection here.

Time & Space- You are not disturbed during the time you created and get to be inspired having a piece of mind to do so. 



Freedom to create– Since the commissioner has selected you having seen your style and portfolio, you have full creative freedom to interpret their commission in any way.

Your style- You are to maintain your style and have artistic freedom when creating the commission. 


How am i joining an exciting new movement?

New Genre of art – Dreame is democratising creation with a new genre of art: co-creation 

Global Exhibitions – With dreamers & artists from around the world, Dreame exhibitions invite all walks of life to partake in its new genre of art.