Dreame's Mission

Dreame's world is one that match-makes inspired art commissioners with talented artists. Dreame is a self-expression tool transforming our emotions and imaginations into art.

We believe imagination is the key to a global creative awakening. It is our mission to inspire and connect people throughout a myriad of sectors, time zones and ideas as we take a journey into the cobwebbed corners of our thoughts, lifestyles and aspirations. We are erecting the digital meeting place for the seekers of the world, whether they are searching for a deeper understanding of self, the people in our lives or into the great unknown.

Dreame is an engine of creative consciousness and for commissioned works of art co-created from personal stories and artists from all over the world. It is a new way to capture a memory, thought or fantasy and make it tangible.
— Sharonna Karni Cohen, Dreame CEO

What We have Achieved

  • 40 articles published abut Dreame
  • Thousands of commissioners worldwide 
  • 5 exhibitions 
  • 10 products added to Dreame collection
  • 500+ artists in the community
  • 3000+ Songs, dreams, memories, quotes, poems, stories, visions & secrets sent in
  • 65 countries reached