What, How & Why?

Dreame is an online platform and community for artists & commissioners to exchange ideas and works of art.  

We have spent the last year building Dreame as a way for artists to do what they love: create art, get paid and constantly be inspired.

 We are a collective of artists, designers & curators from around the world. We value imagination. We foster creativity. We strive to bring the Co-Creation Revolution to its apex.

  • 67 countries
  • 510 artists
  • 6000 commissioners with ideas and dreams to date

How we work: Individuals from around the world send in their fantasies/dreams/memories/deepest secrets to a Dreame artist whose style they connect with most. Artists interpret these shared ideas and create original artwork. 

Why you should join: As a Dreame artist, you’ll feel a sense of stability, you’ll be a part of a community, you’ll get exposure, but most importantly, you’ll feel inspired. You'll get paid each time you create a piece. You'll get to decide your price point and how many pieces you’d like to commission per month. Simply put, we make it easier to be an artist in a world where focusing on one’s artwork has become increasingly difficult. As a Dreame artist, you can remain true to your artistic style & interpretation while showcasing your talent & connecting with others.